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ODAAS - Optically designed anodized aluminium surfaces


ODAAS project will develop new surface technologies for producing optically designed surfaces on aluminium or aluminium based coatings. Focus will be to create surfaces with desired optical effects, which are not available today using light scattering effects by modifying the anodized layer either with embedded particles, adjusting compositions or other means. The research under this programme combines mathematical modeling on optical phenomena and light scattering within a transparent coating with new coating produced experimentally and microstructure and optical characterization.

ODAAS project consortium is funded by the “Danish Advanced Technology Foundation” and the involved partners are: Bang & Olufsen, DTI Tribologicenter, and DTU - Department of Mechanical Engineering and Photonics.


Bang & Olufsen is a leading manufacturer of high-tech aluminum surfaces with 50 years experience in innovation, design, anodizing, and chemistry. Tribologicenter, Danish Technological Institute has long term expertise and production related to plasma based aluminium coating, which must now to be developed further through the incorporation of particles (scattering centers) and optimized compositions to form the basis for producing optical effects on anodized aluminum. Division of Materials and Surface Technology, Department of Mechanical Engineering has long term expertise on aluminium alloys – microstructure, corrosion issues, and surface modification. DTU Photonics will work on this project with their expertise on optical characterization in connection with microstructure of the coating and results from modeling. Division of Solid Mechanics, Department of Mechanical Engineering is well known for a research and developmental activities on Modeling will concentrate on modeling the optical phenomena of the anodized oxide layer with embedded particles, compositions, and other aspects.



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