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Dr. Rajan Ambat

Associate Professor



Materials in Advanced Applications and Products - 41656

Master Level 10 Point course


Material are needed for making products. Proper material selection is an integral part of any design. Process to make the required shape is another aspect, which is interlinked with material selection and product shape. Presently the available choice of materials are many and a similar number of processes are available, proper selection of materials is not an easy task. A selection strategy is essential for Materials Engineers to select materials for various applications with required process and shape.


This course aims to develop comprehensive knowledge on how to select materials for a wide range of constructions and products in engineering applications. Following this course, the students will have a deep understanding of; a) the methodology of materials selection b) use of computer-aided selection and c) material data and knowledge sources and their usefulness. At the end of the course, the students will learn to implement constructions/designs based on appropriate material selection from a variety of choices available to them.


Course include Theory learning, case studies, problem solving, and project work



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